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1912 Henderson 4 First Run
By Dick Shappy

My 1912 Henderson 4-cylinder bike is shown in its first run since the engine was reassembled by Mark Hill of 4th Coast Fours in Waddington, New York. The people seen in the clip are Mark Hill, Evan Kunes, Vernon Akers (beard), and John Dumas (wheel chair). The bike was being prepared for its first test drive. It ran flawlessly 150 miles that day. As of today, September 5th, Mark's crew has put another 500 miles on it.

The mechanics who performed the work under the direction of Mark Hill are Tanner Whitton, Mike Sockler and Evan Kunes.

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Robi On The Road

Dick Shappy being interviewed at home with his just completed 1933 V-16 convertible coupe by David Robichaud from UPN 38 "Robi on the Road". The segment was aired Tuesday July 5th, 2005 at 7:00 AM also with a live portion from the Shappy garage showing the many restoration projects now in progress.


Leno and Shappy discover two dusty Duesenbergs
By Angelo Van Bogart

Every automobile enthusiast dreams of finding a rare or desirable car forgotten in a remote barn, scooping it up for a paltry sum, dusting off 50 years of neglect, and having a great story to tell at club meets and car shows.

For collectors around the world, the Duesenberg is the ultimate American car, and to locate one of these ultra-rare, powerful, and justifiably desirable cars hidden in a building is the ultimate find.

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