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On The Road (OTR) Sizzle

A short clip that brings you into the everyday world of Dick Shappy with Tara Haywood as they venture out into the vintage car and motorcycle world and buy, sell, trade, and play with the "big boy" toys.

Posted by Tara Haywood August 19, 2021


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Shappy Motorcycles, Cruisin' New England

Many car collectors are familiar with what is involved in the restoration of vintage automobiles, and the lengths that a restorer goes through to find that certain part to finish a years long restoration. Well, the same applies to vintage motorcycle restoration and collecting. This video shows how similar a vintage motorcycle swap meet is to a vintage auto swap meet and it also shares the joy of finding that "impossible" one of a kind rare piece that is needed to complete a restoration.

Posted by Paul Mennett, "Cruisin' New England"- Season 8, Episode 6 June 1, 2017


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Pierce Arrow, Cruisin’ New England

In 2013, The Pierce Arrow Society had its annual show in Warwick, Rhode Island. Naturally, being a resident of Warwick RI and a Pierce Arrow collector, I was super happy to show four vehicles and meet and greet other Pierce Arrow enthusiasts from all over the country. Check out some of the great cars and other Pierce items that were displayed in Warwick for three days in 2013.

Posted by Paul Mennett, "Cruisin' New England"- Season 8, Episode 2 June 1, 2017


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Cadillac LaSalle, Cruisin’ New England

The Cadillac LaSalle Club holds its national meet in a different city in the United States each year and, in 2014, the city of Boston hosted the meet. Check out some of the beautiful Cadillacs that attended along with my entry which was a 1930 Cadillac V-16 Model 4380 All Weather Phaeton.

Posted by Paul Mennett, "Cruisin' New England"- Season 7, Episode 3 May 31, 2017


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Dick Shappy,"King of the Rhode"

Kelly Garner, production manager of a Los Angeles based film production company, filmed the activities of Dick Shappy and his assistant, Ashley, as they scoured the countryside in search of rare cars and parts for cars that were being restored in Rhode Island. This video takes you from Rhode Island to northern Maine to Bakersfield, California. You will get insight into the inner workings of what was happening at Dick Shappy Vintage Auto Sales in the Spring of 2012.


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Dick Shappy, "Classic Car Rock Star"

Dick Shappy has been an avid collector and restorer of classic cars and motorcycles for over 40 years.

Get a brief glimpse of his collection including his racing a rare 1934 Duesenberg J-505 Convertible Sedan and winning best of show in one of many regional and national vintage auto shows.

Check out the many awards Dick's restorations have won over the years.


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"Duesenberg Exhibition Of Speed"
(short snippet)

Chris Clyne, Dick Shappy, and other Duesenberg owners from across the United States brought 53 vintage Duesenbergs to the annual Auburn Cord Duesenberg meet held in Auburn, Indiana on September 3, 2010. This historic event was the largest gathering of Duesenberg cars ever. During the three day event, 43 of these great cars drove over 50 miles, under police escort, to the Kendallville Municipal Airport to stage the "Duesenberg Exhibition Of Speed" drag races. Greg McDermott is at the wheel with Dick Shappy in Dick's 1934 J-505 Convertible Duesenberg sedan.


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"Duesenberg Exhibition Of Speed"
(full version)

Full version (42 minutes) of the "Duesenberg Exhibition Of Speed" drag races held at the annual Auburn Cord Duesenberg meet in Auburn, Indiana on September 3-5, 2010.

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club was founded in 1952 to promote the restoration and preservation of original ACD automobiles.


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Racing Duesenberg J-505

Racing Dick Shappy's J-505 Duesenberg at the Duesenberg Thunder Run, Goshen, Indiana.

Dick Shappy in right front passenger seat, Greg McDermott driving, and Tom Laferriere in the back seat filming. They won by a mile!

Posted by Tom Laferriere October 1, 2015


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Warwick collector's Flying Merkel: 100 years old, and still ticking
Providence Journal video by Steve Szydlowski, May 2, 2011

Richard Shappy, of Warwick, a collector of vintage cars and motorcycles, talks about the 1911 Flying Merkel motorcycles he owns. Sean Brayton, of Richmond, tells the story of riding in the first Motorcycle Cannonball Run, from Kitty Hawk, N.C., to Santa Monica, Calif.

"We were test riding this 1911 Merkel Single in preparation for the "Race Of Gentleman" on the beach in New Jersey which was held one week after this video was taken."


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Leno and Shappy discover two dusty Duesenbergs
By Angelo Van Bogart

Every automobile enthusiast dreams of finding a rare or desirable car forgotten in a remote barn, scooping it up for a paltry sum, dusting off 50 years of neglect, and having a great story to tell at club meets and car shows.

For collectors around the world, the Duesenberg is the ultimate American car, and to locate one of these ultra-rare, powerful, and justifiably desirable cars hidden in a building is the ultimate find.

For the full article, click here.


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Robi On The Road

Dick Shappy being interviewed at home with his just completed 1933 V-16 convertible coupe by David Robichaud from UPN 38 "Robi on the Road". The segment was aired Tuesday July 5th, 2005 at 7:00 AM also with a live portion from the Shappy garage showing the many restoration projects now in progress.


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1912 Henderson 4 First Run
By Dick Shappy

My 1912 Henderson 4-cylinder bike is shown in its first run since the engine was reassembled by Mark Hill of 4th Coast Fours in Waddington, New York. The people seen in the clip are Mark Hill, Evan Kunes, Vernon Akers (beard), and John Dumas (wheel chair). The bike was being prepared for its first test drive. It ran flawlessly 150 miles that day. As of today, September 5th, Mark's crew has put another 500 miles on it.

The mechanics who performed the work under the direction of Mark Hill are Tanner Whitton, Mike Sockler and Evan Kunes.

See Motorcycle Cannonball – 2016 here.