Motorcycle Showroom

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Approximately ten years ago, Dick Shappy caught the motorcycle "bug" and has since developed a keen interest in locating, restoring, and preserving some of the finest early American antique and vintage motorcycles that can be found. His collection consists of such name brands as Henderson, Harley Davidson, Indian, Merkel, Miami, and Pope but he is always looking to expand the collection to include such marquees as Ace, Crocker, Curtiss, Emblem, Excelsior, Pierce, Yale, or anything interesting that happens to cross paths with him. Dick has been collecting and restoring early motorcycles for the past ten years but admits that his greatest regret is that he did not begin collecting them sooner. Although he prefers the earlier makes ranging from 1910 to 1918, his collection includes a newer version Indian Chief which was produced in 1951. Dick has developed a special fondness for the Flying Merkel motorcycle, and he is presently reproducing many of the difficult-to-find parts for not only his own Merkels but for other collectors as well. There are nine different Merkels in Dick's current collection in original unrestored and restored show quality condition.

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