New Showroom 2022

by Dick Shappy

Question: What does one do when he runs out of space to display his vintage motorcycle collection?

Answer: He covers the indoor pool, of course, and uses the space to exhibit his bikes.

New Showroom 2022The 1940 Crocker is the first motorcycle seen as one enters the display area from outside. The window side of the display area was reserved for completely original motorcycles.

New Showroom 2022After draining the pool, workers placed 2x10 planks horizontally to span the pool.

New Showroom 2022The plank being placed over the pool on the shallow end.

New Showroom 2022All the 2x10 planks in place.

New Showroom 20221/2 inch plywood sheets are now placed over the completed decking.

New Showroom 2022Two coats of grey deck paint was applied to the plywood sheets completing construction of the cover.

New Showroom 2022The first display table is moved into the new showroom.

New Showroom 2022It was decided that the 1908 Curtiss be given a top display space and is the first bike brought in.

New Showroom 2022Moses the Shepherd directing the move of the bikes.

New Showroom 2022Workers centering the Curtiss twin onto the display table.

New Showroom 2022The Curtiss will now be secured onto the table and rest in place.

New Showroom 2022Bikes in the collection being arranged in place.

New Showroom 2022We decided to place the bikes in a simple style order as seen here with the 4 cylinder Pierces together.

New Showroom 2022More motorcycles are brought to the display area.

New Showroom 2022The 4 cylinder Hendersons were placed next to the other 4 cylinder motorcycles.

New Showroom 2022All the Flying Merkles are displayed together.

New Showroom 2022Early Pope and Indian motorcycles in their original condition were placed in the same section.

New Showroom 2022The extremely rare 1901 Hercules deserves top billing and was placed on the special exhibit table.

New Showroom 2022More early original Indian motorcycles are displayed on the window side.

New Showroom 2022We have begun to bring the motorcycle memorabilia into the new showroom.