1909 Pierce Arrow Model UU Runabout

6 cylinder, 36 horsepower, 119 inch wheel base

When the former George N. Pierce Company built this 36 ALAM hp 387 cubic inch T-head 6 Pierce Arrow Model UU in 1909, it had few competitors for the title of the finest car in America. Built almost entirely in Pierce’s Buffalo, New York plant, it was a paragon of automobile’s emerging technology. Pierce’s Great Arrows had swept the Glidden Tour reliability trials five year in a row, setting the bar high for its competitors at Peerless, Locomobile, and Packard.

The Pierce Arrow offered here has a history going back to the 1940s when it was discovered on Long Island, New York. After years with its interim coach work, it was restored in 2002.

This was the pre WW1 vision of a sports car: low, elemental, powerful, and responsive. Right hand drive like all proper automobiles of the time, it is awash with bright work from the brass radiator, copper plated Rushmore acetylene headlights, brass Solar kerosene side lights, bold eagle radiator mascot, steeply raked copper steering column, drum style speedometer, and highly polished copper hood. Finished in deep green with matching green tufted leather upholstery on its three seats. It has been outfitted for convenient touring with an electric starter, discretely hidden alternator, and fire extinguisher.

The car was recently shown at the 2013 Amelia Island Concours where it was awarded “Most Elegant Early Sports Car”. It is a concours quality automobile of the highest grade. A charismatic automobile that is exciting even while standing still. On the road, it is reliable, exciting, and quite fast.

1906 Pierce Arrow Model 36
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